Gratuitous Space Battles 2 is the sequel to GSB 1, developed by Positech games. it is currently in development and targeted for an initial release in late 2014 on the PC/OSX/Linux platforms. The sequel will hold true to the basic theme of the original game, but will have a complete engine re-write, and a vast range of cool new features yet to be announced. We can definitely confirm that the new game will have achievements, multiple-monitor support, and mod support. Also a decent website, eventually :D
GSB2 will be available on PC, MAc or Linux, but is not being targeted at IOS or other tablets, as first and foremost, this is a desktop experience ideal for people with gratuitously big monitors. The game is designed to support 5120 resolutions stretched over multiple monitors, regardless of video card. Our aim is for the game to scale down nicely to older PCs, but provide a suitable experience for PC enthusiasts with insane setups!
GSB2 will retain the same hands-off gameplay of the original title, with players designing fleets of ships to battle it out against vast alien fleets. The game will support the same challenge-based asynchronous online combat of the original. Like GSB1, the new game will be a 2D experience, but with a substantially improved engine that gives a much-more 3D and immersive feel.
The new game adds 3 new classes of ship. The early screenshot above shows the biggest of the three: The dreadnought, even bigger than cruisers, and fairly rare. In addition, a class of destroyers, which act as support vessels for cruisers, and also a class of gunships (larger, more capable fighters) have been added to the game.
The game automatically detects dual (or more!) monitor setups and gives the option of a borderless window spanning both of them for the ultimate widescreen battle. Currently we plan for this mode to only be used for the battle screen, not the rest of the game.
In the original game, ships visuals were fixed. In other words, although you might customize the internal layout of modules within a cruiser, an imperial centurion cruiser always looked the same. NOT ANY MORE! GSB2 has a complete fully featured visual ship-editor built in, allowing you to design ships however you like, AND share them online...
We have been listening to the hardcore GSB community and asking them what they want from a new game. The increase in ship-classes is one example of this. In addition, we have changed the system so that carriers are required to transport all fighters to the battlefield. This also means fighters now have limited fuel and need to refuel at their parent carrier. We have also made changes to orders, so that the formation order now survives the loss of any number of ships within a formation.
To stay informed about the game's progress, either read the blog at, join our mailing list below, or check out the forum for the game here: GSB 2 Forums And inevitably, there is a GSB facebook page...

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